Resource Library


 The resource library provides further information to accompany the feedback provided in your MakeIt-Right reports.  The library contains guides to best practice that relate to key aspects from the MX Start assessment. 


When you know which improvement areas you need to tackle, you can use the guides to help you with the next steps.  They outline for you the accepted best practice and suggest a set of ‘dos’ and don’ts’.  The guides have been written by and the copyright of © John Garside and Judy Walton.



Once you have reviewed the information from MakeIt-Right, you may wish to start making some changes in your business.  When this is the case, it is encouraged that you contact your local Manufacturing Advisory Service or an appropriate University for assistance.  You are likely to find a group that has seen a situation similar to yours and may be able to save valuable resources by finding the optimum approach without the usual trial and error.


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