Make it Right is a tool to help your business improve


Step 2:
Review your results and download your Feedback Report 


 Make it right is open to all UK manufacturing companies, please or  to access to the website. Make it right is free to use. 

Make it right is a tool designed to help manufacturing companies start their journey towards manufacturing excellence. The first step entails self assessing your company against best practice. This produces a feedback report that helps you identify target improvement areas. The feedback report links to the resource library where further information can be found to support you to make improvements.


Starting your manufacturing excellence journey:

Step 1: Where are we?

There are a number of assessments in key areas of a manufacturing business.  Use these assessments to benchmark your company's practice and performance, and define the areas that are most important to your specific business circumstances. You can choose in which order to complete the assessments and how many you want to complete. 

To start the assessments, please register / login.

Step 2: What can we improve?
Once you have completed an assessment, you can use the feedback report to identify potential key areas for improvement.  The feedback report also provides guidance about best practice in the improvement areas to start you thinking about your own improvement journey.

 Step 3: How can we improve?

The resource library provides a searchable database of resources that can be used to support your improvement. 

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