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You provide resources to train employees to use your ICT systems
Training is really important when implementing ICT systems. You need to make sure that everyone in your company, from the ICT system experts who manage the implementation and provide ongoing support, to office staff and factory workers who use it on a daily basis in their work
Key Issues
·         The implementation of new ICT systems will change the way that your people work, therefore they should:
o      understand the reasons for these new processes
o      be involved in the design of the processes and the ICT selection
·         Core business activities should be rigorously evaluated and assigned to the people who work them, supported by the necessary ICT tools
·         ICT and organisation structures both depend on the same information flow
·         The information structure and screens available on your ICT system should be, wherever possible, aligned to the way your people will work and the tasks they will do
·         You should budget for about 30% of the overall expenditure on a new ICT system to cover commissioning and the associated training
·         It is paramount that you accept the necessity for these training costs and the considerable working time you will lose in order to ensure people’s proficiency
·         An introduction to, and basic training on important aspects of the ICT system should be part of the induction given to new employees
·         General training support can be obtained from a number of providers:
o      Local colleges - training in generic systems, keyboard skills
o      ICT system suppliers – bespoke training packages
o      Onsite training – vendors, colleges, specialist trainers
o      ICT learning packages on company intranet with open access
o      On-the-job training supported by colleagues and supervisors
o      ICT training placements for staff requiring broad understanding
·         To fully utilise specialist ICT systems such as:
o      Vendor-specific software packages
o      CAD/CAM three dimensional solid modelling systems
o      Digital engineering analysis and evaluation tools
o      Programming numerical control machine tools and robots
o      Using factory systems for production planning and control
o      Your people will need specialist training and support, particularly in:
o      Delivering web based interactive training and assessment
o      ICT system security, virus protection and data management
o      System backup, secure storage of information, system recovery
Factors for Success      
Factors to  Avoid
1.     Training is part of your ICT budget
2.     You provide training for system upgrades as well as for new systems
Investing in new ICT systems without:
·         making sure they really do provide the functions you need
·         Making sure you understand the lifetime costs of the system
·         providing staff with appropriate training
Who does this apply to?
Senior managers and their support teams, ICT specialists
Realisable Benefits
Capable staff who are able to exploit the full potential of the ICT system, more cost effective new product design and evaluation processes


Investing in ICTInvesting in ICT

Investing in ICT

Sharing information with customers and suppliersSharing information with customers and suppliers

Sharing information with customers and suppliers

ICT trainingICT training

ICT training

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ICT expenditure