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You share information with customers and suppliers using your ICT systems
Information is the ‘life-blood’ of an organisation and companies should exploit ICT systems to enhance their competitive advantage. Using this technology, you can provide customers and suppliers with fast access to the information they need to do business with you. Suppliers will support you more effectively and customers feel more confident in buying from you.
Key Issues
·         The ability to exchange information electronically, both within your business and externally with supply chains, can transform the way you operate
·         Technology can provide your company with innovative ways to communicate with customers and suppliers using, for example, web pages, on-line conferencing or secure Extranets
·         Examples of information you might wish to exchange/share with customers:
o      Product catalogues - technical specifications, availability, prices
o      Application guides and self-design customisation tools
o      Maintenance manuals, parts lists, availability of spares, prices
o      Case studies of successful products and technical references
o      Quotations, drawings, specific proposals with detailed prices
o      Project plans, time scales, progress reports, answers to queries
o      Meetings - attendees, dates, times, agendas, minutes, actions
o      Contractual terms and conditions for doing business
·         Examples of information you might wish to exchange/share with suppliers:
o      Requests for quotations, project outlines with time scales
o      Drawings, technical specifications, volumes, requirement dates
o      Production schedules, volumes by product type, delivery dates
o      Quality issues, delivery performance, progress on saving costs
o      Technical support, customer issues, results, change requests
o      Meetings – attendees, dates, times agendas, minutes, actions
o      Quality procedures, training materials, supplier feedback
o      Contractual terms and conditions for doing business
·         Information should be owned by a specified person in your business, consistently updated, managed and controlled, so you share the latest, accurate information
·         Extranets enable secure access to data for customers and suppliers
·         Exchanging legally binding signatures on electronic documents is an outstanding issue, several techniques are currently being evaluated
Remember, however, that Information has considerable value; so you need to protect it with appropriate security to control access.
Factors for Success      
Factors to  Avoid
1.     Your information is accurate
2.     It is provided in agreed standard formats and is up to date
3.     Someone needs all of the information you hold
1.     Inadequate data security
2.     Corrupt and/or old information
3.     Providing data that merely adds cost, not useful information
Who does this apply to?
Senior managers and their support teams, ICT specialists
Realisable Benefits
A more responsive business, integrated supply chains, better customer service



Investing in ICTInvesting in ICT

Investing in ICT

Sharing information with customers and suppliersSharing information with customers and suppliers

Sharing information with customers and suppliers

ICT trainingICT training

ICT training

ICT expenditureICT expenditure

ICT expenditure