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You invest in information communications and technology (ICT) to enhance business performance
Many businesses invest significant time and money in ICT without gaining the expected benefits. If your ICT systems are specified and implemented correctly, however, significant competitive advantage can be achieved, the accuracy of your information can be improved and your overhead costs reduced
Key Issues
·         Business benefits from investing in e-business and ICT could include:
o      Reduced overhead costs for managing the business
o      Streamlined business processes to improve efficiency
o      Improved customer and supplier relationships through better data, information, communication and collaboration
o      Growth through reaching new customers and markets
o      People released from performing routine and/or repetitive tasks
o      Better quality information made accessible across the business
o      Improved quality, delivery and cost performance to customers
o      Data translated into meaningful information
o      Reduced lead-time and overall time needed to perform tasks
·         Specialised ICT systems can have a major positive impact on future viability:
o      CAD/CAM integrated with solid modelling techniques reduces the time and cost of developing engineered products
o      Manufacturing planning systems allow realistic schedules to be established and shared with everyone in your supply chains
o      Finance and commercial packages present timely information for comparison with previous performance to establish trends
o      Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and high quality websites will improve marketing and sales effectiveness
·         To achieve these benefits you should ensure that:
o      The solution you select fully supports the business strategy, giving tangible benefits
o      You have evaluated the solution against identified business requirements
o      The ICT system fully supports core business and manufacturing processes, and provides acceptable solutions to less critical ones
o      You have understood the lifetime costs of the solution. Some ICT packages integrating the total business appear to offer a complete solution, but can be very expensive to implement and maintain
Remember that data accuracy is critical to success. Once this falls below 95%, information is unreliable and systems quickly become discredited
Factors for Success      
Factors to  Avoid
1.     Using Your systems support your business goals
2.     Your people are trained and confident in using your ICT systems
3.     Your systems are easy to understand
4.     Your data is accurate and timely
5.     You adopt the same standard software solutions across the company
1.     Being sold over-complex systems
2.     Systems Installed before being fully tested and commissioned
3.     Expecting data to be accurate without the necessary discipline and audits
4.     Saving money on training budgets – this will cost you more in the long term.
Who does this apply to?
Senior managers and their ICT support teams
Realisable Benefits
Reduced costs, more effective business processes, opportunities for growth


Investing in ICTInvesting in ICT

Investing in ICT

Sharing information with customers and suppliersSharing information with customers and suppliers

Sharing information with customers and suppliers

ICT trainingICT training

ICT training

ICT expenditureICT expenditure

ICT expenditure