You have established an effective working environment for your employees
It is important that managers invest the necessary time and resources needed to create the right working environment for their employees. A company where people are proud to work as a team and gain job satisfaction, must ultimately be more successful than one driven by fear and rhetoric
Key Issues
·         The workforce and the level of their commitment, ultimately determine the company’s technical and commercial success. Managers must strive to create a working environment conducive to everyone exceeding expectations
·         Attributes for a progressive working environment include:
o      Mutual trust; where people show respect for each other
o      Customer driven; where your people know and focus on their customers
o      Team based; promoting team performance and responsibility
o      Achievement driven; linked to continuous improvement
o      Recurring risk assessment; encouraging responsible risk taking
o      Seeking innovation and adopting best practice
o      Employees who are involved and committed to succeed
o      Decisions impacting people; Managers endeavour to treat them fairly
o      People work to a defined process and understand how to do their job
o      People act with integrity and acknowledge others’ efforts
·         Managers should:
o      Ensure that plant and equipment, including processes, are safe and compliant with all legislation / environmental targets
o      Lead by example and understand the impact their behaviour has on the attitude and actions of others
o      Ensure that the workplace is clean and tidy with appropriate heating, lighting ventilation and personal amenities, making it a pleasant place to work
o      Reward people for their efforts and share the benefits of success
o      Ensure that the training and personal development people are given helps them to reach their full potential
o      Give people the chance to continually broaden their skills and take pride in their work
o      Ensure that problems are resolved by addressing the root cause
·         Remember that building an appropriate working environment takes considerable time, but it can be destroyed very quickly by foolish management attitudes
Factors for Success      
Factors to  Avoid
1.     You invest time and effort in the people who will make your business successful
2.     You treat people with respect and in a way you would want to be treated
3.     You acknowledge effort and say ‘thank you’
4.     You seek to continually improve
1.     Making bald statements of intent that cannot be achieved
2.     Managers behaving in ways that are at odds with people’s expectations
3.     Managers pursuing their own agenda which is not aligned to the company’s business plan
Who does this apply to?
Senior management
Realisable Benefits
Increased productivity, lower staff turnover, a supportive workforce capable of meeting new challenges and a reputation as a good place to work


The working environmentThe working environment

The working environment

Sharing information with your workforceSharing information with your workforce

Sharing information with your workforce

Appraising employeesAppraising employees

Appraising employees

Succession planningSuccession planning

Succession planning

Ensuring employees gain experienceEnsuring employees gain experience

Ensuring employees gain experience



Reward schemesReward schemes

Reward schemes

Work/life balanceWork/life balance

Work/life balance

Reducing overtimeReducing overtime

Reducing overtime

Collaborating with educational establishmentsCollaborating with educational establishments

Collaborating with educational establishments