You have key performance measures for monitoring and control of process innovations and improvements
Monitoring the progress of change projects provides stimulation for people to strive for improvement, and, when successful, to celebrate the achievement. Favourable results generate a positive attitude, fulfilling our desire to know who’s ‘won’ 
Key Issues
·         Process improvement projects should be coordinated by a team leader
·         Company time must be made available to work on improvement projects
·         The project tasks should be documented on a time-based plan with milestones
·         Details of start/finish dates, person responsible and resource requirements should be included for each task
·         Progress can be monitored by tracking the achievement of milestones against the deliverables for the different stages as outlined on the project plan
·         Progress can also be monitored by tracking performance for:
o     Delivery of the production schedule -% delivered on time, in full
o     Number of defects in parts per million (ppm) or the cost of quality
o     Stock turns, number of items in an area/number produced per wk
o     Productivity of people – items produced per person per wk
·         Progress should be reported to people using all forms of communication
·         Review performance regularly to ensure that production is not disrupted:
o      Conduct shop floor module audits to review: quality performance, safety, equipment maintenance, housekeeping, container control and people/training. These should be allocated a score with corrective actions agreed for improvement:
o      Reporting must be up-to-date, meaningful, concise, understandable and presented in standard formats
o      Use of the Balanced Scorecards can help with this
o      Information should also be provided on the business objectives, financial performance, customers and other significant factors
·         The business performance report should include financial and non-financial information, such as schedule adherence, nil-hour returns
·         Peoples’ efforts should be acknowledged by saying “well done, thank you”
Factors for Success      
Factors to  Avoid
1.     You adopt appropriate measures to gauge hourly, daily and weekly performance
2.     You ensure that graphs presenting results show improvements as a rising trend line
3.     You keep all information current
4.     You find the root cause of any failures
1.     Presenting information in a format that people cannot readily understand
2.     Presenting too much data, but no information
3.     People failing to see the relevance to them of the information you display
4.     Managers being unaware of results
Who does this apply to?
Senior management, project manager
Realisable Benefits
People committed to improving performance, increased output at reduced costs


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