You provide a safe and healthy working environment
Your senior management team are ultimately responsible for providing a safe and healthy working environment for their employees. Therefore, all managers must accept responsibility to ensure their domain is compliant with the company manuals and procedures introduced to minimise the risk of adverse incidents
Key Issues
·         Senior management issues include the following:
o      Senior managers must prepare and endorse a formal Health and Safety manual stating the company policies and how they will ensure compliance
o      Health, safety and the environment should be a standard agenda item at all senior management business review meetings
o      A senior director should accept overall responsibility for ensuring all areas of the business adopt the policies and conform
o      The need for a safe and healthy work place should be widely publicised
o      All expenditure needed to remove unacceptable risks and reduce health hazards should be given top priority and spent with minimum delay
o      The company’s performance record should be compared with that of other, similar companies in and with published national and international information
o      All management teams must commit to a target of zero accidents
·         Middle and junior management should be concerned with the following:
o      Individuals should be identified to conduct regular audits to assess hazards, perform risk assessments and implement corrective actions
o      Training in safety procedures and the correct ways of performing tasks should be provided for all new employees
o      People should be provided with any necessary health and/or safety protection devices
o      Regular health checks should be made available for people at risk. Trends should be reported and corrective actions taken where necessary.
o      Regular tests and training should be undertaken to ensure that people are working in a way that is safe to them and others
o      Your company’s performance record on health and safety should be published within the business, with details of actions taken as a result of incidents
o      Procedures and recovery plans must be prepared and readily available for dealing with possible, but unlikely accidents or incidents 
Factors for Success      
Factors to  Avoid
1.     All accidents and incidents are treated as potentially serious, and recorded
2.     Formal escalation procedures are in place to ensure that senior managers are alerted
3.     The number of accidents and incidents is on prominent display in your factory
4.     People are congratulated for working safely over a sustained period
1.     Senior managers not understanding their responsibility to ensure that they must provide a safe working environment
2.     Management abdicating their duty and responsibility to the trades unions
3.     Delaying expenditure to rectify situations for financial expedience
Who does this apply to?
Everyone must accept their responsibility for providing a safe, healthy and sustainable environment
Realisable Benefits
Healthier employees working in a safe environment


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