Business Development and Change Management

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You actively seek out oportunities for change
Global markets are becoming more accessible due to improved communication technologies. This offers opportunities for companies to expand into new markets and territories to commercially exploit their product portfolio. It also means overseas companies are able to compete more easily in your traditional markets. All companies must, therefore, embrace change as a way of life to stay in business. 
Key Issues
·         The pace of change is increasing and people must accept continual change
·         The ownership and disposal of businesses is becoming more dynamic
·         Many companies aspire to become a national and / or international leader in their chosen markets and further exploit their core competencies
·         What do companies need to do?
o      Develop a different approach to the business, striving to increase sales in existing and new territories
o      Introduce desirable, cost effective products exploiting new product or manufacturing technologies in order to leap ahead of competitors.
o      Understand and comply with product legislation in local and international markets
o      Develop their ability to adjust capacity to meet growing or seasonal local or international demand
o      Embrace customer requirements
o      Improve product quality and on time, in full delivery performance
o      Rationalise sites to reduce costs and improve effectiveness or relocate into new premises that are more appropriate for the future
o      Reduce costs across all areas of the business (not just manufacturing!) to make products and services more price competitive in local and overseas markets
o      Reduce manufacturing costs by implementing new make versus buy policies and reorganising / rationalising internal operations
o      Adopt more environmentally acceptable manufacturing processes and comply with all health, safety and environmental legislation requirements
·         At all costs avoid a loss of existing key accounts and contracts.
Factors for Success      
Factors to  Avoid
1.     Retain key customers and accounts
2.     Make change initiatives a key part of the business plan, with identified costs
3.     Pay part of the management team’s bonuses for delivering planned beneficial changes
4.     Recognise and reward people for providing leadership and innovation
1.     Expecting a business to survive without changing the way it works
2.     Allowing customers or competitors to be your only catalyst for change
3.     Managers who rely on the workforce to initiate significant changes
4.     Reacting too quickly, without fully understanding the implications of change
5.     Ignoring impending difficult situations
Who does this apply to?
Senior management team, Managers
Realisable Benefits
A successful profitable business that is aligned with its customers requirements


Business planningBusiness planning

Business planning

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The business plan

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Selecting future markets

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