You understand and deliver customer quality requirements throughout the organisation
Good quality underpins a successful business. Trading in global markets requires conformance to internationally recognised quality standards. However, having an accredited procedure does not ensure the delivery of high quality products / service unless everyone in the organisation understands and accepts their role in making sure that only first-rate products and services are delivered to your customers
Key Issues
·         To understand the extent of your problems and the opportunities quality improvements can offer, you first need to understand the total cost of quality in your business
·         To do this you need to measure the costs of all aspects of quality, not just scrap and rework
·         Your senior managers need to link responsibility for quality with customer satisfaction
·         Everyone in the company must regard customer satisfaction and quality as essential factors for the future success of the business
·         Quality procedures must satisfy the appropriate international quality standards but also reflect the needs and issues of your customers
·         Quality manuals must be written:
o      for a specific purpose
o      concisely
o      to be as easy as possible to understand, using clear, simply phrased and explicit statements and pictures
o      with input from people who will undertake the particular tasks
o      processes should be documented using clearly defined flow / decision diagrams
·           Having written the quality manuals they should be:
o      Updated on a regular basis
o      Readily available
·         All staff should receive training on quality:
o     Managers need to know what features your customers use to assess quality
o      All new recruits must be trained on quality as part of their induction to your company
o     Existing employees should receive regular, ongoing training focussed on company quality procedures and to understand how they can improve quality performance
o     All employees need to understand who your customers are and be given an in-depth understanding of the key elements of satisfaction for your customers
·         If you want to obtain full benefit from this training, managers must provide regular feedback to staff on their quality performance
Factors for Success      
Factors to  Avoid
1.     Quality documents are live and current.
2.     Your employees are routinely tested on quality conformance.
3.     Contact with your customers is maintained at all levels across the company
4.     Your customers are invited to address the workforce and report their experiences
1.     A failure to invest in training everyone
2.     The use of outdated procedures
3.     Managers who pay only ‘lip service’ to customers and their requirements
4.     Quality is regarded solely as a factory issue
5.     Failure to respond to quality issues quickly
Who does this apply to?
Senior management, supervisors and everyone employed by your company
Realisable Benefits
Retention of satisfied customers, business growth and increased profitability.
Key buying factorsKey buying factors

Key buying factors

Understanding valueUnderstanding value

Understanding value

Measuring customer satisfactionMeasuring customer satisfaction

Measuring customer satisfaction

Improving customer satisfactionImproving customer satisfaction

Improving customer satisfaction

Quality standardsQuality standards

Quality standards

Delivering quality standardsDelivering quality standards

Delivering quality standards

Continuous improvementContinuous improvement

Continuous improvement

Deliveries (on time and in full)Deliveries (on time and in full)

Deliveries (on time and in full)