How to Use Make it right

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The Assessment Process

The assessment is split in to eight sections:

1.Customer Focus                               
2.Business Development                    
3.Product Innovation                          
4.Logistics and Resource Efficiency
5.Process Innovation             
6.People Effectiveness          
7.Financial Management       

Each category comprises of multiple choice questions which are split in to smaller subject areas (within the remit of the category heading). For each area you must first assign an importance to it, which allows Make it Right to be tailored to your business.Once the importance is decided upon you can start answering them multiple choice questions, where you need to select the statement which most reflects the current state of your business.

On completion of the assessment a radar diagram and priority table will be generated based on your answers.

The radar diagram  enables you to compare your results, the importance rating determined by you and the best practice score. Where the importance is high, but the score is low, it will be highlighted as an area for improvement.

The priority table shows possible priority improvement areas. These areas are identified by comparing the difference between the  importance you assigned the area and the performance score achieved. High priority areas (large differences) are shown in red, potential priority areas (small differences) are shown in yellow.

More detailed feedback can be found in the Feedback Report, which can be downloaded as a PDF.

You can complete as many sections as you wish and once you have completed three or more sections you can compare the overall assessment (generated from the results of your completed assessments) against best practice.