Make it Right is a tool designed to help manufacturing companies identify improvements and start their journey towards manufacturing excellence.

Looking at current best practice, we have identified eight areas that are integral to the succes of manufacting. Make it Right gives you the ability to benchmark your company's performance against best practice, and define the areas that are most important to your specific business circumstances. You can choose in which order to complete the assessments and how many you want to complete.

Once you have completed an assessment, you can use the feedback report to identify potential key areas for improvement.  The feedback report also provides guidance about best practice in the improvement areas to start you thinking about your own improvement journey.


To provide accessible and flexible support to enable manufacturing companies to improve and increase their competitiveness.

Make it Right provides a process to:

  • Enable companies to benchmark their current status
  • Identify the areas that are most important to their specific business
  • Identity priority areas for improvement
  • Provide feedback about what best practice would entail
  • Link to best practice resources